Melissa Joulwan in Rollergirl

Combining business and marketing savy advice, and anecdotes about life on and off the flat roller derby track, Melissa captures the essence of being a rollergirl named "Melicious". These athletic and smart women provide the league marketing and public relations, as well as being the talent that attracts legions of adoring fans. In an industry where the talent is clearly the product, the women of modern roller derby understand that each bout (as they call their roller games) is a special event. As a result, the book oozes with ideas for special event marketing and promotions. For me, the importance of the book is the powerful blend of edge of the seat sports action with leading edge business ideas. The cooperative business model is one that is worth consideration for startup businesses; and for employee takeovers of their employers' companies. The multiple ownership spreads risk, provides more and more financial possibilities, and stronger committment to success. As Melissa demonstrates so clearly for the first time, the pool of creative ideas for promotion and marketing are multiplied exponentially. For a cutting edge blend of women's sports and business know how, I recommend you take a roll around the track with roller derby skater turned author Melissa "Melicious" Joulwan in Rollergirl, Totally true tales from the track. You will find the bumps and bruises stylish and great for your business. One more thing, my mom read the book first and she loves it. She is planning to read it again.

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