Summer Diet Tips

Your diet plays an important role in beating the summer heat. Dehydration and fatigue are two common summer time problems developing from heat and sweating. Your summer diet should cool your body and prevent dehydration. Summer diet tips and seasonal fruits. Summer is the time to enjoy a wide range of nutritious low calorie fruits and vegetables. The water content in summer fruits and vegetables for your meal are extremely high. They will cool, hydrate and nourish your body without increasing the calorie content of your meals. Two to five servings of watermelon, mango, blackberries, strawberries, blueberries, apricot, peach, eggplant, cucumber, okra, mint and other summer fruits and vegetables could help to refresh you in the summer months. Drink plenty of water and fluid. To replenish the water lost from your body you should drink water and clear fluids frequently. Depending upon your activities (in this case roller games, roller jam, roller derby activities included) and rate of perspiration, you should drink about 8 to 10 glasses of water and fluid daily. If you are prone to excessive sweating, you might need few extra glasses of water. However, your body needs something more than just plain water. 
Roller summer diet tips
Water would quench your thirst, but it could not replenish the body salts lost through perspiration. Frequent intake of rehydration drinks helps to prevent electrolyte imbalance. You can even prepare your own rehydration drink by adding a pinch of table salt and a teaspoon of sugar to a glass of water. Fresh fruit juices, buttermilk and clear vegetable broths could help to meet both your water and salt requirements. You can even drink cool tea. Avoid aerated drinks. You might be tempted to have chilled soft drinks in the summer, but it is advisable to limit, if not avoid these fizzy drinks. Besides providing your body empty calories, the phosphoric acid in these carbonated drinks increases the risk of gastrointestinal damage and calcium depletion. Limit sugar intake. Try to remain content with the natural sugars present in the summer fruits. To beat the summer heat, try to stay away from molasses and honey. Instead of savoring ice creams, you can consider having a cup of yogurt. Avoid hot and spicy foods. Hot and spicy foods tend to increase your body heat. During the summer, sprinkle less chili flakes on your foods. Avoid deep fried foods and saturated fats. Find more on

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